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Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Do you remember believing that adults know everything? One believes a lot of silly things as a child, and perhaps a lot of sensible things that ought to be remembered.

We need money-power to live on earth

A rhyming play, based on a story by Sri Chinmoy, performed for Sri Chinmoy’s students in Dubrovnik, on January 11th 2015. The actors played their parts behind large masks on sticks, while their lines were read aloud off-stage.


A boat was rented for an afternoon to show us the surrounding isles, cutting through glassy Adriatic blue, inviting us to villages of white stone houses shuttered blind in hibernation.

Vallée de l’Orb

The hushing of leaves 
 in tune with the river’s rush, 
 while crickets sound alarm clocks 
 that nobody heeds…

Praia da Falésia

Will you come too, I ask Yes, she tells me, eyes gleaming I can hear the distant breathing of the sea and want to be nearer…

Russian Translation

Auspicious Good Fortune is now available in Russian! Published by Guru-Noka Publications in Moscow. Contact Sumangali for more details…

The Seeker-Writer

A rhyming play, based on The Seeker-Writer, by Sri Chinmoy. Performed for Sri Chinmoy’s students in Albufeira, Portugal, on December 27th 2013. The actors played their parts behind large masks on sticks, while their lines were read aloud off-stage.

God’s Great Experiment

This story was first published in Inspiration-Letters #25, an online magazine of articles, written by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre around the world. The theme for this edition is “Living in the Now”.

Accidental Spirituality

I did not have a religious or overtly spiritual upbringing, and I am grateful to my family for not forcing any beliefs on me, but it seems quite funny now looking back on my first childly interpretations of religion, not really having a clue what any of it meant inwardly.

The Making of Auspicious Good Fortune

Auspicious Good Fortune is officially launched today, 27th of April 2012. I thought I would tell you the story of how it came to be, as this is a tale of mysterious good fortune in itself.

Emus and Egyptology

I was eighteen months old when advertisements came out for a major exhibition in London. The image on the station wall beguiled me: a gigantic burial mask, two wide eyes in frames of kohl, a gentle smile of gold and a collar of precious stones.

Making a Wish for Peace

I am to spend the weekend here in Wales with around 50 others. I travelled 5 hours to make a wish for peace; many have come much further than me, and some making a good part of the way on foot.

The Tiger-Striped Goat

I am often reminded of a parable related by Ramakrishna to his disciples over a hundred years ago – a striking analogy of spiritual learning. As I recall, a tigress went to attack a herd of goats, but a hunter saw her and killed her. As she was dying she gave birth to a cub, who […]

Things my Grandmother Taught Me

Gulls called constantly in the Sussex seaside towns. The sun had a peculiar intensity, and the wind was always keen. In such a town there was a row of Victorian terraced houses. One had barely changed its interior during its life of a hundred years. It was rented by two sisters: my grandmother and an […]

My Myanmar

In 1985 I first went to Burma (as it was still known then). Twenty-seven years later, a very different ‘me’ is returning to a very different country, but the things that matter are still the same.

Temple-Song-Hearts Go Way Up North

Seems this site has lain neglected for a whole year now, while I’ve been writing elsewhere. Rather than a tedious round-up or a list of more specific apologies, I thought I’d highlight a favourite event of the last twelve months: singing Sri Chinmoy’s music in Norway and Iceland, with Temple-Song-Hearts.

Greyfriar’s Bobby: A Small Scottish Saint

I’d put off visiting Scotland for over a year, even though York is inexcusably close, and even though a very kind open invitation stood since I moved north from Wales. That’s the trouble with open invitations, and things that are close: they hover just below the top of the list.

A Beginning, an End, and an Eternity

Is there such a thing as a junkophobe? That’s me. I buy the same thing over and over because I keep throwing useful stuff away; I’m ruthless to the point of impracticality. I can’t tolerate anything old, broken, unlovely, unclean, or out of place. Then what is this old Cheese Doodles packet doing here?

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