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    Auspicious Good Fortune

    A spiritual memoir: Sumangali Morhall's inspirational journey from Western disillusionment to Eastern spiritual fulfilment, under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy.

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Free Audiobook

The audio book of Auspicious Good Fortune is now available for free download. One woman’s inspirational journey from Western disillusionment to Eastern spiritual fulfilment: a spiritual memoir, written and narrated by Sumangali Morhall.


The Gods Gain Immortality

A rhyming play, based on the story by Sri Chinmoy: The Gods Gain Immortality. Performed on December 30th 2017 for students of Sri Chinmoy on a winter retreat in Budva, Montenegro.


Ask a Busy Person

One of my colleagues – an especially hard-working and time-pressed one – consciously avoids the word ‘busy’. As an exercise I tried the same for a week and found it surprisingly awkward. That was an education.


The Cheerful Loser

My running life has had a chequered past. I know I’m not alone in having detested cross-country at school, but that’s no true prediction of one’s relationship with the sport anyway. Who wants to be clambering through mud and weeds in the dead of winter, clad only in shorts and a polo shirt? Very few.


Why do I meditate (and why do I write)?

It is often said that while meditation is simple, it may not be easy. In our growing culture of ever-quicker fixes, those new to meditation are prone to giving up early, convinced they lack the aptitude. In truth, few take to it naturally right away.


Laosen Does the Impossible

A rhyming play, based on the story by Sri Chinmoy. Performed on January 1st 2017 for students of Sri Chinmoy on a winter retreat in Kalamata, Greece.


The Best Spiritual Memoirs

(…in my subjective opinion). This is a work in progress – I hope to collect more spiritual memoirs and autobiographies here as I read them. Do leave me your own recommendations in the comments.


Agnikana’s Group in York

We were very fortunate to welcome Agnikana’s Group to York on October 27th, for a concert entitled ‘Music for Inner Peace’, at the De Grey Rooms.



The lone lamenting of an owl kept me from my sleep – that and a silence foreign and exotic to my ear. I stood inside the open door by marsh and brush to gaze out on a nightscape free of any human sign. The far off fells were only rough charcoal sketches. Wind funnelled up […]


Revelations of Divine Love

I’m currently reading Revelations of Divine Love, by Julian of Norwich (1373). Nobody knows Julian’s real name or where she began, and most other details are based on conjecture. But we do know she wrote some of the greatest prose of her time, and was even the first woman to write a book in English.


For the Love of Blighty

It was early on a summer Sunday I took myself walking through small enclaves of meadow and marsh, pondering how my love of England has grown as I’ve grown – from the petty resentment and boredom of teenhood where everything disappoints, to the middle of life with twenty years’ spiritual practice behind me.