Agnikana’s Group in York

agnikanas-group-a5-frontWe were very fortunate to welcome Agnikana’s Group to York on October 27th, for a concert entitled ‘Music for Inner Peace’, at the De Grey Rooms.

The music group is based in the Czech Republic, with members also from Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria and Canada. They perform solely the music of Sri Chinmoy, and have toured many countries across the world. The concert was part of their autumn tour of the UK and Ireland.

With a range of instruments – including the Indian harmonium, guitar, concert and wooden flutes, santur and glockenspiel – the music is soulful and ethereal, blending angelic voices with acoustic instrumental arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music. The performance was exquisite, from start to finish. As one lady said, “I did not want it to end.”

‘Ore Tora’ was composed by Sri Chinmoy, to the words of Sri Ramakrishna:

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