Blue Wolf Review

Step into a world that is or could be or may have been or even is yours and look at the infinite wisdom offered throughout the pages of the life that is Sumangali Morhall.

Gently and beautifully written this is a peek into the journey many take over the course of a lifetime trying to discover happiness, a purpose to life or even their chosen pathway through life.

Morhall tells her story from the perspective of a child growing into adulthood, all the while challenging the boundaries; some of her own making and others, that of society.

Always looking for love and acceptance she trod many pathways – that of music, corporate executive, salesperson, student, traveller and waitress to find that whatever she was looking for was not at the end of any of those particular roads.

It was not until she was at the lowest of one of the many low points of her life, she decided to attend a meditation session held by the Sri Chinmoy group she began to find the true pathway for her life.

Learning to accept that which is offered was one of her major accomplishments during a time of persistent ill health; coming to terms with the reality that much of her life had been lived in the shadow of shyness, could possibly have been of her own making and finally, accepting that for her the pathway to happiness in her life was the gentle way of reflection, meditation and acceptance.

Along the way she also discovered happiness is inside everyone if you care to look.

Empowering and enjoyable this is more than at look into someone else’s life – it is a course in how to come to terms with the reality of life while all the while having the courage to overcome challenges and never, ever giving up on your journey of discovery, as you never know what is waiting for you just around the corner.

– Blue Wolf Reviews

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