Manga Shakespeare: Homegrown Hybrid

Shakespeare in a comic book? This is serendipity, as I’d never have expected him there. In fact I wouldn’t have even looked. The other day my mother was remembering the comics my brother used to read twenty-something years ago. We got as far as The Beano and The Dandy, when she said with a frown, […]


Serendipity: Thanks, Horace Walpole

A recent post on, entitled Serendipity, prompted more in-depth pondering about the word and its meaning. Serendipity can be defined as pure luck in discovering unsought things, or yet more simply as good fortune. This might be a good time to explain the link between the name chosen for this site and its chosen […]


Homage to British Artist Andy Goldsworthy

This post is long overdue—perhaps about 20 years or so, as that’s how long I’ve admired Andy Goldsworthy’s approach to art. Thank God for the humble camera—without it most of his art would melt, blow, or rot back into the elements from whence it came, in the space of time it takes for the winds […]


The Wings of Joy

“The Wings of Joy reminds all of us what is truly important. It is a blueprint for inner peace and true joy.” – Jack Canfield, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul


Digging For Victory: Sky Farmers and Guerrilla Gardeners

Old News: Gardening is In Once again in the UK it has been suggested that we are behind the eco-friendly times, now caught red-faced and red-handed with basket-full of imported vegetables. The production and transportation of food is responsible for 23% of our carbon footprint; above home energy, personal travel, and running shared services like […]