King’s College Chapel, Cambridge

Alleluia: Qui timent Dominum “He healeth those that are broken in heart: and bindeth up their wounds.” This line shines from the page handed to me at the entrance of King’s College Chapel, part of a sung mass I am about to hear.


Sri Chinmoy: 1931-2007

Sri Chinmoy, passed away yesterday at 7am, at his home in New York. On a human level I am naturally shocked and sad at his sudden earthly parting, but inwardly I will never in this life fathom the inner gifts of inspiration he has given me through his teaching.


Mouse & Mortality: A Small Poem On Being Small

Beeches shook their auburn curls like closely clustered giddy girls chattering to pose and tease whispering jokes into the breeze Peaceably beneath I trod an early dark and dewy sod wondering that all was good deeply in the wandering wood A fungus there, a cobweb here a brown birdsong above my ear every sense at […]


A Foreign Tourist At Home: York Minster

I was brought up as an atheist, so it may count as rebellion that I went to church today: a Sunday… perhaps… until you hear I went as a tourist. I am not an atheist, far from it. I must get that straight. Straight away. I never have been. I am not a Christian either. […]


Not in the Cave

What of Rydal Cave, I ask? Why is the Concert-In-The-Cave Not-In-The-Cave this year? Stones were falling from its roof. Such scant facts were enough from which to fashion a legend over the past twelve months: that Adarsha’s mighty voice brought down the cave last year and it is now no more than a trembling pile […]


Cowfish Out Of Water

I was in the sea, snorkeling I think, or maybe diving. It was a long time ago. The sun heaved magnificent light into an already magnificent ocean, and all was bathed in lucid unearthly beauty below. I was very fond of cowfish. They were like cartoons, little horns like raised eyebrows.


Share Of Strength

Sri Chinmoy recently visited Thailand during his annual harmony and humanitarian travels, and decided to lift some elephants while he was there. A champion decathlete in his youth, Sri Chinmoy later took up weightlifting, and is still weightlifting at age 75. His aim is not to compete with others, but simply to inspire others to […]


The Wings of Joy

“The Wings of Joy reminds all of us what is truly important. It is a blueprint for inner peace and true joy.” – Jack Canfield, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul