Sri Chinmoy answers

Sri-Chinmoy-meditation-BWAll 38 parts of Sri Chinmoy answers have recently been published in two hard-cover volumes. They are beautifully compiled and typeset.

Holding the weight of a volume in the hand is satisfying. When reading any question answered by Sri Chinmoy, I’m reminded of hearing the Master speak in person. I was always amazed how he would talk effortlessly on any subject. Perhaps it should not come as a surprise where a God-realised soul is concerned – his answers came from the universal consciousness itself – but the experience was (and still is) a delight.

Sri Chinmoy answers gives an insight into Sri Chinmoy’s agility in this sense. Some examples of broader spiritual questions are:

  • How can we conquer our defects?
  • How can I know who I truly am?
  • How would you describe today’s world?

Even on very specific topics, the Master would give fascinating answers, which often encompassed wider topics, for example:

  • How does it affect our palm when we wear a ring?
  • Can dogs feel if you were a dog in your previous incarnation?
  • Is it possible for mountain climbers to conquer altitude sickness spiritually?

I love to read these passages for my own spiritual illumination, but reading also brings Sri Chinmoy’s presence to life. Sometimes I may read an unfamiliar question and try to guess how the Master would answer before reading the response, and I am almost always wrong. There is something strangely reassuring in that – something I can’t quite describe – but it makes books like this all the more enjoyable, and all the more precious.

The two volumes are available on Amazon, published by Ganapati Press:

Sri Chinmoy answers: Volume I |

Sri Chinmoy answers: Volume II |

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